About us

VivaFit Adventures strives:

  • To inspire personal growth through life experiences and travel
  • To raise awareness to various social issues around the world and LatAm.
  • To inspire healthy communities by making global connections with like minded individuals
  • To improve mental health through travel and adventure
  • To give back to our communities both at home and abroad.

Who is VivaFit?

  • As an expat, our founder Joel De La O, has traveled extensively throughout Latin America and has dedicated the last six years to learning and loving the Colombian culture. As a current Crossfit Level 2 Trainer in Bogota, Colombia he has witnessed first hand the need to combine tourism and fitness
  • Our team of culturally diverse team members will bring a unique approach to your travel experience.
  • Our network of travel and fitness experts will each provide our guests with a well rounded vacation by combining their knowledge of the local area and culture as well as offering training, education, and adventure opportunities
  • We aim to create a tribe mentality not only within our company but as well as from each and everyone of our guests
  • We believe simplicity is key and hope to provide “real” travel experiences for our guests​