Of course not!!  Our coaches can cater to any level of fitness.  All we ask is that you have fun and that you inform us ahead of time of any limitations so that we can scale accordingly.  Also remember all training sessions are optional.

Since we are an international Tribe at VFA, we leave the flights up to you.  However, we are always willing to help with any suggestions.

Yes, but we’ve got you covered!  We include your coverage within all of our packages.  Upon accepting our terms and conditions you will receive an email with all pertinent info including but not limited to your insurance coverage while you are with VFA

The answer to this question depends on where you are visiting us from.  The following link should answer your questions regarding entry requirements  https://www.worldtravelguide.net/passport-visa/

We understand that Colombia and many other parts of Latin America get a bad rap from time to time but we assure you that Colombia and any other part of Latin America we choose to host an adventure is safe to travel.  Our team is comprised of many expats from different countries and all have chosen to live and prosper in the beauty that is Colombia.  Let’s leave the impressions from shows like Narcos behind and make our own assesments.  We promise you will leave with an entirely different impression of Colombia and hopefully the world!  VFA believes that the true ADVENTURER is one that is willing to erase mental borders and open our hearts to the world.

Our goal is to make your adventure as smooth as possible therefore we aim to make your trip as “all inclusive” as possible.  Every tour will include lodging, transportation (airport & all scheduled activities), daily meals, welcome and farewell cocktail hour and any scheduled activities.  We recommend bringing a little extra for things such as souvenirs or in the case that you choose not to partake in the group activities and want to venture out on your own.  Oh yea, all activities are optional.  This is your ADVENTURE!

VFA will provide daily meals as part of your ADVENTURE and of course, we will have Vegan and Vegetarian options.  Any other dietary restrictions will be catered to as well.  We will ask you for this information upon booking.  Colombian food is delicious and can vary from region to region.  We strive to offer you the most authentic experience possible therefore we will try to offer you locally sourced, whole foods as much as possible!

Of course not!  We believe that life truly is about balance and that this ADVENTURE is yours!  All we ask is that you drink responsibly and do not partake in any illicit activities.  Oh and we also ask that you have a GOOD TIME!

Of course you can!  In fact the majority of us are solo travelers and that is precisely why we started VFA.  Come hang out with a group of likeminded strangers and leave with a group of likeminded friends!  Again, all activities are optional so if you want to do you for a day, there is no problem whatsoever.  In fact we’ll help you with anything we can so that you can enjoy your time alone.

Come one, come all!  Of course for liability reasons, we ask that you be over 18 or come with a parent or legal guardian.  An ADVENTOURUS soul doesn’t have an age and its never to late to get your body moving so we don’t have an age limit!

We will send you an itinerary for your ADVENTURE and this will be what is covered in your package price.  However, we understand the want to arrive sooner and definitely stay later so rest assured that we are more than willing to help you make any additional arrangements.  Please be aware that each ADVENTURER assumes responsibility for any additional costs outside of our packages.