Weekend Getaways

Horseback Riding in the Colombian countryside

Just a short 30 minute drive from the hustle and bustle of Bogota, you are met with a quiet tranquility that you would never imagine existed so close to the city.  It´s here that our horseback riding adventure will begin.  You will notice that the air is a little fresher and life is a little easier than what you´ve experienced in the city.
Upon our arrival we will meet with our guide, get our horses saddled up, and off we go for a few hours of smiling and riding.  We will ride for approximately 1.5 hours before we stop for a typical Colombian lunch, local cervezas, some chicha and of course some good ol fashioned Colombian coffee.  Once we have rested for a bit we will get back on our trusty steeds and continue for the remainder of our ride.  After approximately another 1.5 hours in the saddle we will have returned to our initial step off point where our adventure will come to a conclusion, but not before we take a group picture to commemorate our experience.  A short 30 min drive will have us back in the city and off we go. 

Skydiving over Colombia

Let´s be honest.  You´ve wondered what it would be like to jump out of a perfectly good plane just for the thrill and the experience of it all, or maybe it´s something you´ve wanted to check off your bucket list for some time now.  After a short 20 min ride to approximately 11,000 feet of altitude, you are ready to take the leap.  You will harnessed to an experienced tandem instructor and upon exit will experience the beauty of freefall.  For 40-45 seconds you will be flying through the sky reaching speeds of up to 120 mph/180 kmh and then enjoy a serene 5-6 minute flight under canopy for your descent back to this big beautiful rock we call Earth.  Let VFA help you reach for the stars and complete your dreams!  
We have teamed up with Skydive Colombia, the original and only USPA certified dropzone in all of Colombia to bring you these unique adventures.  We offer a couple of different Skydiving experiences in order to best suit your individual needs: 

The Quickie

This plan is best suited for the adventurer who really wants live the experience but is short on time.  We´ll get you set up with everything you need to make your first tandem jump over the beautiful Colombian countryside.  Included:
  • Tandem instructor introduction and safety briefing
  • All associated gear
  • Plane ride up to approximately 11,000 ft
  • Handcam video (fully edited video will be emailed approx 3 days after jump)
  • Post jump beer!

The Fun in the Sun

We will escape reality for a couple of days with this plan.  VFA will get you setup with your choice of lodging (private house in the countryside or resort hotel in town) for one night and let you choose when you are ready to take the jump, literally!  Includes: 
Quickie adventure +
  • 2 days/1night in Giradot, Colombia
  • Welcome dinner and drinks
  • Activities to suit your desires
  • Your choice of day to jump
  • Farewell souvenir

All of our adventures are made with you in mind and therefore can be 100% custom fit to meet your needs  

Please feel free to contact VFA for pricing and options