Quarantine in Bogota Colombia – This Gringo’s Experience

Who would have thought?

Around this time last year, I was exploring Mexico City with my lovely madre when I decided to run the idea of VivaFit Adventures by her.  I had been sitting on the idea for quite a while, but was having difficulties bringing it to life.  Needless to say, moma sat back and listened to my pitch over a couple of micheladas and gave me that final motherly push to get off my ass and make it happen!


Fast forward to a year later.  During the past year, I brought all of the pieces together and opened VivaFit Adventures for business; but wouldn’t you know, the universe had different plans.  Now here we are, making margaritas from the lemons and limes that we’ve been handed!


As an American Expat with a newly-formed business in Colombia, I feel a responsibility to not only stand by my Colombian brethren during these difficult times, but to also share  the GEM that IS Colombia.  It hasn’t been easy, and, if I’m honest, it doesn’t look to be getting any easier anytime soon.  We’ve been under strict quarantine for a bit over a month now and “word on the street” is that we shouldn’t expect life to return to normal for the remainder of the year.  The borders are closed and our movement about the city, much less the country, is very restricted.  That’s a scary thought when you’ve banked your next big move on your very own adventure/fitness company.  I’m confident however, that not only will Colombia, the world and VFA survive the current situation…but we will all thrive once this mess passes.  Until then, we will be sharing the majesty of Colombia through our social media platform and providing the inspiration to come sweat and explore with us as soon as possible!!

Day to day “Survival” in Bogota

As of April 13th, our movement has been restricted, by gender.   Men can shop for necessities on odd-numbered days and women can do their shopping on the even days.  Thankfully, I was able to go for an “essential” birthday run a few days back, even if it was at the risk of a $250 fine.  No fine and it was totally worth the risk!  It was a good day.


I’ve probably moved around within a 2-3 km radius from home base, at most.  My neighborhood store now knows me by name; kind of.  They mostly refer to me as “El Mexicano” because of my slight Mexican Spanish accent and my Mexican-inspired buys (cervezas, chiles, tequila, lime-flavored anything, etc., etc.).  Fortunately, Colombia has a very handy delivery App that is a lifesaver during the days we’re not allowed outside.  We’re not just talking food delivery; we’re talking almost anything you can think of being delivered to your doorstep.  Wanna upgrade that TV?  Gotcha! One brand new 60” Smart TV coming your way.  Need some cash in hand?  No worries; the mobile ATM is en route!  I cracked my iPhone screen recently.  I placed a quick call to a trusted repair shop, and, within a couple of hours, they picked up, repaired, and returned my phone; all with a one day turn-around.  These services have been a part of everyday life here since I can remember but rarely have I used them as much as I have been lately.


Like most folks in my situation, I’ve contemplated heading home (US).  But for ME, at THIS moment, it just doesn’t make as much sense.  When will I go back?  Not real sure.  So long as my familia is safe and healthy I’ll just stay put.  I am fortunate to have current coverage in the Colombian healthcare system and feel very confident in their ability to take care of any medical issues that might arise.  Don’t take my word for it, but I believe that Colombia’s healthcare system is currently ranked something like 22nd by the World Health Organization.  While my experience with the medical system has been limited, I can speak from experience when saying that getting a few stitches was quite literally a painless experience.  During that visit, I was tended to very quickly, kindly, professionally, and – to top it all off – very economically.


So for now, I shall ride this bad boy out here in Bogota.  That is, of course, unless I can find a responsible adventure elsewhere!  Own a plane and a skydiving license? Hit me up so we can quarantine in the sky!  Have a secluded ranch with breathtaking scenery? Let me know so we can Zen out together!  How about a hunting lodge?  I’m your huckleberry!  That being said, hasta la proxima! 


Driven By Adventure, 



VivaFit Adventures




Since the original writing of this blog, quarantine by gender has been lifted and I have found a responsible adventure elsewhere!!!  Stay tuned for updates and keep an eye out for everything Colombia!  Buen día mi gente!



Anything that appears to be an error in spelling or grammar is actually the author’s clever use of the vernacular, and as such is not an error, but rather a carefully placed literary device demonstrating prodigious artistic prowess.

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