The Bōg – part 2

¿Por qué Bogota, Joel?

The city, while very busy and some may say congested, is vibrant with opportunity.  I like to compare it somewhat to New York City in the sense that it is a national hub for Colombianos looking to pursue higher education, better job opportunities, or merely a metropolitan lifestyle.  As in NYC, many folks you meet in the city are not actual Rolos but instead imports from across the country.  

In recent years the city has become something of an international business hub for much of South America.  Having worked in the fitness and travel industry, we have had the opportunity to meet people from all across the globe and build international friendships that we are confident will stand the test of time.  It is common to hear an array of foreign languages being spoken just a table over or for a local to come to your rescue when they overhear you struggling with your español.  So if the language barrier is what’s keeping you from coming here, don’t let it!  Hell, between our network of partners and friends, we are certain we can help you along your way.  

If work opportunities are what you are looking for, fear not that work is abundant.  That is not to say that you will most likely take a bit of a pay cut from what you are accustomed to, but if you are willing to earn a little less while simultaneously stressing a little less, this may be a place that works for you.  In our experience, we have found that if you’re looking for a change of pace and a little adventure, you can make it happen in Bogotá.  Something to consider is that if a traditional 9-5 is not your jam and you’re looking for a little more flexibility, you should be willing to wear many «hats» to make your living.  This, of course, depends on the type of work you seek, and that’s entirely another blog for another time.  I (Joel) have had success in the city as an English teacher, Crossfit coach, tour guide, translator, and even day laborer.  So to each their own. 

The global growth and the ease of travel to the city is also another factor in our decision to call Bogotá home.  You can get to or come from almost any part of the world with a few clicks of a button.  Traveling within the country from Bogotá is also very economical, in our opinion.  With just a bit of change in your pocket and an hour or so to spare, you can be sitting beachside in Cartagena, riding your road bike through the mountains of the Coffee Triangle, or trekking through the jungles of the Amazon region of Colombia.

If opportunities are what you are looking for, then I suggest you figure out which ones you seek, and I can assure you you can find more than a few of them here in banging Bogotá!

Stil more to come…


Anything that appears to be an error in spelling or grammar is actually the author’s clever use of the vernacular, and as such is not an error, but rather a carefully placed literary device demonstrating prodigious artistic prowess.

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The Bōg – part 2

¿Por qué Bogota, Joel? The city, while very busy and some may say congested, is vibrant with opportunity.  I like to compare it somewhat to


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